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What is a VR360 Video?

VR360 Video, short for Virtual Reality, 360-Degree Video and also referred to as "Spherical Video" is a method of capturing live video footage using multiple cameras (usually 6 or more) arranged in a spherical "rig" that enables the lenses to view & capture, literally, in every direction. It enables the recording of 360 degrees video in a sphere, even upward and downward.  Special "stitching" software is used to piece all 6 (or more) video timelines together into one, 360-degree video. 

The result, when done correctly and viewed in a "compatible VR360 player" for the first time, is quite astonishing, especially when viewed in a VR Headset like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung VR.  The hardware needed to create 360-degree VR video has been around for years however lack of affordable technology on the user's "viewing" side has limited the advancement of this amazing video creation tool until recently.  Along with the popularity of these relatively new viewing devices has come support from the top browsers, YouTube, Facebook, Wista and more.  

A whole new world of creativity & functionality is here.  Hire us to record, edit and render your VR360 Videos to capture everything in the scene. Not just half of it.  

VR360 Videos

  • Real Estate
  • Sporting Events
  • Family Moments that can be re-lived forever
  • Physically Interactive Training
  • Nature Video Capture
  • Concerts
  • Amazing Underwater Video

And many, many more - there is absolutely no limit.  The vast majority of events that we would want to record in our lives have action going on all around us - not just in a 140-degree view in front of us.  If you would like to watch all of the playback action in the future instead of less than half of it, hire us for a 360-degree video production.       

To view the videos below on your computer, you must be using either Windows 10 Edge, Firefox or Chrome.  Your iOS device will prompt you for a safe plugin installation and Android will play it straight from this site.  Use the "W,A,S,D" keys or arrows to navigate on your computer or simply drag your mouse. On your mobile device, aim it in different directions to see the scene change. 360-degree videos are larger than normal video files and may take longer to load - and to become clearer or unpixelated

Reckless Brewing Company - Dave's Rube Goldberg Wall Machine. (This local tasting room is so much fun. Ya gotta try it out.) 

Comic-Con 2016 - outside the convention center testing out VR360 footage.

An example of how VR360 video can help with real estate sales and marketing.