Dave McNeely - Founder

Digital Lair was created by its partners as a way to bring HD/4K & 360° video capture capabilities to all three earth-based mediums; Land, Air & Sea and to provide services which surround them under one roof. (We're working on "Space" being included as a 4th capability some day.) Virtual Reality (VR) could be argued to be the 5th and is of huge interest to the company. Digital Lair is now a Google Street View Trusted Partner photographer as a direct result of its 360° capture capabilities.

After serving 8 years in the US Air Force as a Sperry System 1100 mainframe operator in the Munitions career field, Dave gained IT experience at various industry positions including database development, IBM large format tape archiving and network services. Dave always found computer graphics and 3D intriguing, watching as the industry advanced and he took courses along the way when he could.  In 1997, he joined a small, commercial space company and started working more frequently on multimedia and video production.  For the next 17 years Dave managed animation & live productions for space industry proposals, hired voice actors & subcontractors, scripted, shot and edited video projects for many rocket & satellite tests and set up live streaming channels for internal and external event viewing.  Dave has collaborated with NASA and many other commercial space industry organizations.  He has led an editing team in the San Diego 48-Hour Film Project (2014) and has been building and flying UAS craft for capturing aerial footage over the last 2 years. 

Dave is responsible for all software and hardware technology used for IT services, website development, 3D modeling, capturing and creating business video assets, motion graphics and animation at Digital Lair.

Dave has held two US DOD clearances & earned certs in advanced work with many IT related courses, Adobe CS products, Sony Vegas, Autodesk 3ds Max and Film Making with Virtual Reality.

Jason McNeely - President

Jason has over 10 years of training and leadership as a professional, commercial diver & Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Pilot Supervisor and keeps an especially, keen eye on Digital Lair's Underwater Program..   

Jason has served with the U.S. Army for 13 years as a Forward Observer who is Target Coordinate Mensuration (TCM) qualified and is currently a SSG in the Army National Guard.  He has lived and worked in many different countries including Korea, Kuwait, Trinidad and has served 3 tours in Iraq. 

While bringing an impressive list of skills and qualifications to Digital Lair, and especially focused on underwater efforts, Jason has a very diversified working knowledge of both inland and offshore activities pertaining to the civilian sector and the Oil & Gas Industry.  

Jason's Certifications include:

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Certification - C & C Technologies, Lafayette, LA.

  • Pedestal Crane Operation For Dynamic Environments Certification

  • Master Scuba Diver, Advanced scuba diver & EaNx Diver Certification(s) from National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). 

To contact Jason directly by email, please send your ideas and questions to underwater@digitallair.com or jason@digitallair.com


George McCoy - Director

George is a creative writer, 3D modeler and game designer and leads Digital Lair's new VR Staging Services.  He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art & Design from the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg, IL.  

George will be working with clients to eliminate more of the guesswork and guide them down the right path when planning out new Virtual Reality assets.  These assets can be a new game, a new "VR Experience", a phone app, a movie, coursework for education or one of many other applications where current Virtual Reality tech has finally caught up with the dream. Digital Lair is currently working with Unity 5Unreal Engine 4 and 3D creation tools like 3ds Max 2016 to create new experiences.  

Even though Virtual Reality has been around for, amazingly, 50 years, consumer technology has only just recently caught up and made the fantastic advances we are seeing now possible.  The VR Division of Digital Lair is an extremely exciting venture and we are very lucky to have George leading the way.  

To contact George directly by email, please send your ideas and questions to george@digitallair.com