These days, It's nearly impossible to turn on any electronic device that delivers visual information to your eyes and not see Motion Graphics in the first 10 seconds. From TV to your phone to the Internet, Motion Graphics is used in dozens of different ways that can liven up a 2D image or make a 3D scene pop.  At Digital Lair, one of our favorite ways to use Motion Graphics is to advertise our customers' brands. We call it 3D Branding.  We'll take your logo and develop it into a "character", then place that character into a story that you want to tell.  

For example, below is the logo for Intergalactic Brewing Co. in San Diego.  And to the left is a CG video we created using 3ds Max, Photoshop and After Effects, that presents the logo as a character in a comical, tongue-in-cheek way. This style of advertising, or 3D Branding, matches the slightly geeky look & feel of this outstanding brewery in the middle of many great San Diego brew houses. (ok, so it's not just "slightly" geeky - and the beer is - sorry - out of this world!).  

Other Examples of 3D Branding